Digital Marketing – Concept, And Works Theory Concept

Last blog I discussed the digital marketing strategy, in this blog I want to explain what is this and how its works and why we need digital marketing.

Everyone has a one big question what is digital marketing?  So here is the easy and simple way explanation what is this –

Digital marketing is a process, is a method by which we attract the customer to our website, to our App, to our business and we will do brand awareness  as well as we will to lead generate for business and business development with the help of digital marketing.

So you can also say that digital marketing is marketing strategy to promote business online  for brand awareness and business development.

Now question is arises in mind why we do it?

It is a marketing strategy to connect with our customers, users, so that our company can do brand awareness ,  So that we can create awareness of our products, services, etc. Through that we can do business effective way and increase a client…


Why digital marketing?
1. High Reach
2. Better Targeting
3. Cost Effective
4. High Engagemnt
5. Better ROI(Return Of Investment)

Note_ Highest Digital Marketing Users in China and then India thereafter usa, Brazil and globally internet users is 4.1 billion.

Audience Targeting & Segmentation
1. We can target the our business as per our requirement like specific country, city even by specific area.
2. We can target users for personal info like if we want to target for the particular ads for the only who are the specific age , specific married person or not it is the big opportunity for the digital marketers.\
3. We also can target for Professsional info as above we want target for the spefic professional info like if i want to target only collage professer people so we can choose as per our target audience.
4. Interest – 4. Interest – If we have a any interest we can target those audience who has already have same interest through the social media platform not matter how i am and what i do. So if you interest the particular interest then same interest company will show you same interest ads show you.
5. Behavior –
6. Re-targeting

Next i will do it tomorrow  with full post….


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